We are Dustbusterz

Professional Home & Office Cleaning Services

Dustbusterz is a team of driven professionals who are changing the face of B2C and B2B 'cleaning' sector, which has traditionally been an disorganized sector, without any dominant market player providing end to end professional services. Our services are unique and we are constantly innovating in the deep cleaning of houses, car, offices, floor, glasses etc. We are one stop solution to all your cleaning problems.

Dustbusterz Team

Our team is driven by MBA's who have deep understanding of the market needs. We are the premium brand with a strong motive of giving a tailor fit cleaning for each and every customer. We are constantly experimenting with new scientific techniques in this new space of cleaning. The love of our patrons has kept us strong and this keeps us going to offer you an experience cleaning beyond imagination.

Services We Offer

Home Cleaning

A thorough intensive cleanup focusing on all surfaces, nooks and crannies including 50+ cleaning tasks.

Dismantle Car Cleaning

Doorstep service for 3 solutions to increase vehicle's longevity – dry clean, polish, protect.

Floor Polishing

first service provider of silicate polishing in North India.

Glass Scratch Removal

DUSTBUSTERZ Technology, offers glass scratch removal and repair systems to remove even severe scratches.

Pest Control

We develop an integrated pest management program that includes a detailed plan-of-action and a schedule of the various treatments to be rendered .

Office Cleaning

Our sustainable methodologies and process ensures professional and customised cleaning solutions for your office.



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